A few days ago I seized the Steam sales to buy the Substance Pack Indie. This bundle includes Substance B2M, Substance Painter and Substance Designer. At the moment I’ve only tried the first one, Substance B2M. It allows you to generate Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) outputs from a single image. These outputs are just the maps to create cool materials in V-Ray, Thea Render or any other rendering software.

If you’re interested about PBR you should check this totally-free comprehensive guide made by Allegorithmic, a great source to get started. Maybe you also should visit their Youtube Channel, it’s full of useful tutorials. I watched this one to learn the basics about B2M:

In order to test B2M I’ve modelled a simple scene in SketchUp (avaliable here). To create the PBR outputs I’ve used the picture beside these lines, then I just followed the instructions given in the first part of the B2M walkthrough tutorial. In my opinion, the results are far better than any other similar software I’ve tried before like PixPlant or nMaker tools for Photoshop. You can see below a rendered pic using the PBR outputs in Thea Render and the original SketchUp model.

PBR test picture

Thea Render & SketchUp overlapped pics

SketchUp PBR 1A SketchUp PBR 1B

Texture Maps

VeguillasStone01 - PBR materials

Here’s the result of my first try with B2M. This package includes base color, normal, ambient occlusion, roughness and height outputs made from a single image. The sizes are 2048×2048 px and the file format is PNG.

Feel free to use these outputs in your own projects (even the commercial ones). You don’t need to credit me but I’ll be grateful if you show me how you’ve used it 🙂

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