MSPhysics for SketchUp

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A quick update! I’ve been playing lately with MSPhysics, a plugin made by Anton Synytsia. It’s a physics simulation tool for SketchUp mode and it’s really enjoyable. You really should go to SketchUp right now to tear down some walls! To know more about this plugin and how to use it, you can visit this wiki. Read More

Wide Tire made with SketchUp and SubD

Wide Tire made with SketchUp and SUbD

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Well, I’ve been using SUbD since it was released two months ago. SUbD is an extension for SketchUp to get parametric subdivisions. After some heavy testing, all I can say is this plugin is really delightful! As far as I’ve tried, there’s a couple of plugins really recommended to use alongside SUbD: Vertex Tools and QuadFace Tools (also made by the same author, Thomas Thomassen). They’re perfect companions for SUbD, providing tools specifically designed to work with quads. It makes the workflow significantly stronger and easier.
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